Current Work Area

  • Magnetic and Dielectric Materials for Microwave Absorption Applications.
  • Sensors for Volatile Organic Compounds and Explosive Material Detection
  • Electroless Coating
  • Biomaterials for implant application
  • Carbon Nanostructure Materials (CNTs, Graphene, CB, AC etc.),
  • Ferrite materials including hard ferrite, soft ferrite and their Magnetic Composites.


  • B.Sc (H) Physics from S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Delhi
  • M.Sc (Physics), specialization in Electronics from University of Delhi, Delhi
  • M.Tech, Material Science and Engineering from Thapar University Patiala, Patiala
  • Ph.D in Material Science from Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India


Patent(s) Filed

Patent(s) Granted

Other Information

Patent: A patent has been Granted by Indian Patent office on 30.11.2022 to Dr. R. C. Agarwala, V. Agarwala, Dr. Ray, Dr. Dharmenra Singh, Dr. Subrata Ray, Sh. Sankarsan Padhy, Sh. Anirudha Bose, Dr. Subrata Sanyal and Dr. Sachin Tyagi, on “Development of Nanocomposite Microwave Absorbing Paint in the Frequency Range of 8-18GHz” Patent No 413060, Indian Patent, Application No : 0553/DEL/2013 Filing Date : August 14, 2013 Your Ref : ERIP/IP/1201056/M/01 Our Ref : PCC09108.

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