Projects Completed   
1. Development of On-line Energy Monitoring & Control System
Project Number: GAP0150   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
2. Development of Energy Management System (EMS) based on MODBUS Protocol
Project Number: GAP0013   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
3. Instrumentation for Bacterial Antibiogram
Project Number: GAP0261   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
4. Development of a Parasite Detection Instrument using Fluorescence and Image Processing
Project Number: GAP0262   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
5. Realizing the Air-Conditioner & Refrigerator System using Peltier Effect
Project Number: OLP0190   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
6. A Clean Fuel from Hazardous Leather Solid Waste
Project Number: OLP0198   Project Investigator: C SETHURAMAN
7. Design & Development of Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Solutions for Smart Grids
Project Number: OLP0197   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
8. Energy Audit of CSIR-IMMT, Bhuvneshwar
Project Number: TSP0004   Project Investigator: C SETHURAMAN
9. Calibration work of BCG Vaccine laboratory (BCGVL), MoH&FW, Govt. of India Guindy, Chennai
Project Number: TSP0007   Project Investigator: D KRISHNAMOORTHY