Projects Completed   
1. Development of Higher Energy (15MeV) Medical Linac
Project Number: GAP0061   Project Investigator: S R TANEJA
Project Number: GAP0015   Project Investigator: A K GANJU
3. Development of Portable System for Measurement of Aflatoxin in Oil Seeds & Cakes
Project Number: GAP0003   Project Investigator: A K GANJU
4. Development of Clinical Chemistry Analyser
Project Number: GAP0124   Project Investigator: S R TANEJA
5. Digital Automatic Moisture Computer
Project Number: GAP0004   Project Investigator: A K GANJU
6. Non-Linear Junction Detector
Project Number: GAP0000   Project Investigator: N K SHARMA
7. Development of Driver Reflexes Testing System
Project Number: GAP0011   Project Investigator: P S MALHOTRA
8. National Programme for the Development of Indigenously Developed Integrated Medical Linac System for Cancer Therapy (Phase I)
Project Number: CLP0006   Project Investigator: VIJAY SEHGAL
9. Development of Electronic Stethoscope
Project Number: GAP0153   Project Investigator: N K SHARMA
10. Development of Anesthesia Ventilator
Project Number: GAP0125   Project Investigator: SANJEEV VERMA
11. Development of Infusion Pump & controller
Project Number: GAP0078   Project Investigator: R C GUPTA
12. Technology Upgradation of Pulse Oximeter
Project Number: CLP0026   Project Investigator: R C GUPTA
13. Establishment and Turnkey Operations of Agro Based Testing Laboratories in RIICO Agro Food Parks in Ranpur (Kota) Boranada (Jodhpur) and Sriganganagar
Project Number: GAP0250   Project Investigator: A K SHARMA
14. Development of Compact Medical Oxygen Concentrator
Project Number: GAP0251   Project Investigator: H K PIR
15. Quantification of Quality for Tea
Project Number: SIP0022.04   Project Investigator: SHASHI SHARMA
16. Development of Electronic Knee
Project Number: SIP0022.10   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
17. Development of Above Elbow Prosthesis
Project Number: SIP0022.11   Project Investigator: ARINDAM CHATTERJEE
18. Establishment and Turnkey Operation of Testing Lab in Agro Food Park, Alwar
Project Number: GAP0263   Project Investigator: A K SHARMA
19. Development of PC based Fully Automatic Batch Analyser for Clinical Chemistry
Project Number: GAP0282   Project Investigator: R C GUPTA
20. Design and Development of an Electrostatic Nozzle for Agricultural Applications
Project Number: GAP0285   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
21. Intelligent Diagnostic Bench for Rural Health Care based on Ancient Medical Practices
Project Number: OLP0188   Project Investigator: SANJEEV KUMAR
22. Maintenance and Upgradation of National Facility for Medical Instruments Calibration
Project Number: OLP0196   Project Investigator: H K PIR
23. Training Programmes (3) on Repair & Maintenance of Bio-Medical Instruments for Technocrats/Users from Armed Forces at Vadodara (2 Prog.) and Delhi
Project Number: GAP0314   Project Investigator: SHASHI MOITRA
24. Management Development Programme on Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Analytical Equipment (ITEC/SCAAP Programme –XIIIA)
Project Number: GAP0321   Project Investigator: SHASHI MOITRA
25. Management Development Programme on Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Bio-Medical Equipments
Project Number: GAP335   Project Investigator: DHIRENDRA BANSAL
26. Management Development Programme on Energy Management System and Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP338   Project Investigator: DHIRENDRA BANSAL
27. Management Development Programme on Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Analytical Equipments
Project Number: GAP341   Project Investigator: DHIRENDRA BANSAL
28. Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer : Advanced Spraying Technology
Project Number: EMR0002   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
29. Rob-Rehab: Robotic Rehabilitation Device for Physiotherapy Exercises
Project Number: GAP0361   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
30. Multi-functional High Range Electrostatic Sprayer
Project Number: GAP0372   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
31. Electrostatic Spraying Technology for Societal and Industrial Applications
Project Number: OLP0232   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
32. Electrostatic Coating System for Fruits and Vegetables
Project Number: HCP0016(WP4.2)   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
33. To Provide the Consultancy in Upgradation of the Existing Model of Conventional Sprayer to Electrostatic Sprayer
Project Number: CNP0016   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
34. Electrostatic dust mitigation and environment protection device
Project Number: MLP2011   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
35. ENCEESPRAY: An electrostatic disinfection machine comprising of electrostatic sprayer and electro hypo generator - an ideal solution for surface disinfection against Covid-19
Project Number: GAP0441   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL