Projects Completed   
1. Development of Fly-By-Light Tail Rotor Control System for Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)
Project Number: CLP0010   Project Investigator: J K CHHABRA
2. Development of Multifiber Intrusion Detection System
Project Number: GAP0130   Project Investigator: J K CHHABRA
3. Design, Development & Supply of Fiber Delivery System for High Power Laser
Project Number: SSP0030   Project Investigator: SUBHASH C JAIN
4. FBG based Sensors for Agro and Health Applications
Project Number: SIP0022.07   Project Investigator: N S MEHLA
5. Design & Development of Dual Format Zoom Tele-microscope (2x to 6x) for Low Vision Persons using State-of-Art Aspheric Technology
Project Number: GAP0266   Project Investigator: G S SINGH
6. Photonics for Communication, Laser and Sensor Technology
Project Number: NWP0026   Project Investigator: N S MEHLA
7. Development of Laser Based Projectile Velocity Measurement System (PVMS)
Project Number: GAP0267   Project Investigator: R C KALONIA
8. Development of Multiple Laser Based Shadowgraphy System (MLSS) Interfaced with Digital Cameras for Small Arms Impact & Wound Ballistics Studies
Project Number: GAP0268   Project Investigator: R C KALONIA
9. Development of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensor System for Detection & Location of Hot Spots in Electrical Equipment
Project Number: GAP0272   Project Investigator: N S MEHLA
10. Feasibility Study on Development of Optical Sensor based Techniques for Dynamic Linear Displacement Measurement of Structures
Project Number: GAP0278   Project Investigator: RANDHIR BHATNAGAR
11. Investigations of Optical Fiber Sensor Techniques for Detection of Pesticides & Pathogens in Water and Trace Gas Sensor
Project Number: OLP0192   Project Investigator: RANDHIR BHATNAGAR
12. Consultancy for Indigenous Development of Laser Lithotripsy System for Medical Applications
Project Number: CNP0009   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR