Projects Ongoing   
1. Establishing National Hub for Healthcare Instrumentation Development (NHHID) at Anna University, Chennai
Project Number: GAP0300   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
2. Design and Development of Cost Effective In-situ Induction Motor Efficiency Monitoring System using the Latest Art of Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0317   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
3. Engineering of Disaster Mitigation and Health Monitoring for Safe and Smart Built Environment (EDMISSIBLE)
Project Number: ESC0102   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
4. Design & Development of Cost Effective in-situ & non-intrusive Motor Stethoscope (MSCOPE) for Monitoring the Health of Induction Motor using the latest Art of Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0349   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
5. Nanoencapsulation of Herbal Extracts using Sonochemical Technique
Project Number: GAP0350   Project Investigator: PRABHAKARAN S
6. Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme
Project Number: HCP0015   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
7. Technologies Robust Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Structures
Project Number: HCP0018   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN