Projects Ongoing   
1. Development of a Biosensor for Estimation of Polyphenols in Apple Juice
Project Number: GAP0301   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
2. Nano-materials: Applications and Impact on Safety, Health and Environment (NanoSHE)
Project Number: BSC0112   Project Investigator: INDERPREET KAUR
3. Design & Development of Non-Destructive image processing based diagnostic tool for identification of toxic substances from some common food items
Project Number: GAP0352   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
4. Design and Development of Smart Monitoring System for Livestock Emissions
Project Number: GAP0355   Project Investigator: SUDESHNA BAGCHI
5. Spatial and Temporal patterns of active tectonic deformation in the Beas River through Morphometric analysis and Fluvial Terrace studies
Project Number: GAP0363   Project Investigator: TEJPAL SINGH
6. Development of an Automated Soil Nutrient Sensing System
Project Number: GAP0366   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
7. Calibration & Validation of Grain Moisture Meter
Project Number: CNP0012   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
8. Design & Development of Visual Odometry System
Project Number: GAP0370   Project Investigator: SHASHI PODDAR
9. Smartphone imaging aided point-of-care dipstick platform for heavy metals Sensing in Water
Project Number: GAP0375   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
10. Development of algorithms for the river water quality index monitoring using machine learning technique
Project Number: GAP365   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
11. Development of Novel Fluorescent Platforms for the Detection of Heavy Metals in Water
Project Number: GAP0378   Project Investigator: AKASH DEEP
12. Nano Biosensors and Microfluidics for Healthcare
Project Number: HCP0012   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
13. Online Monitoring System for Detection of Night-time Poor Visibility Areas in Urban Settings
Project Number: MLP0043   Project Investigator: AMITAVA DAS
14. Investigation of Nanostructured SERS substrate for POPs detection in E-Waste Recycling Sites
Project Number: GAP407   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
15. DEEP: Development of an Efficient Photoelectrode for Hydrogen Fuel from Water
Project Number: GAP421   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
16. 2D Materials Engineering for Simultaneous Hydrogen Production and Emerging Pollutants Degradation
Project Number: GAP432   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI