Projects Ongoing   
1. Network Enabled Medical Diagnosis and Education in Skeletal Imaging using X-Rays (Phase 1)
Project Number: GAP0299   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
2. Vehicle Detection and Classification System
Project Number: SSP0035   Project Investigator: SATISH KUMAR
3. Design Innovation Centre, Chandigarh
Project Number: GAP0343   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
4. Pilot Implementation of Collaborative Digital Diagnosis System (CollabDDS) using Medical Imaging
Project Number: GAP0347   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
5. Development of seismic signal processing techniques for elephant movement detection
Project Number: CLP0030   Project Investigator: RIPUL GHOSH
6. Pilot deployment of Intelligent Elephant Movement Detection and Alert System near Kansrao railway track, Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Dehradun
Project Number: GAP0381   Project Investigator: RIPUL GHOSH
7. Intelligent System (IS) – Intelligent Technologies and Solutions
Project Number: HCP0013   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
8. Divya Nayan: A Personal Reading Machine for visually impaired
Project Number: MLP0048   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
9. Scale-up of Autoceph: A software for 2-D Computerized Cephalometric Analysis as a web service
Project Number: MLP0049   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
10. Safety and Security of Vital Installations
Project Number: HCP0017   Project Investigator: SATISH KUMAR