Projects Ongoing   
1. Development of an Automated Soil Nutrient Sensing System
Project Number: GAP0366   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
2. Calibration & Validation of Grain Moisture Meter
Project Number: CNP0012   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
3. Multi-functional High Range Electrostatic Sprayer
Project Number: GAP0372   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
4. Electrostatic Spraying Technology for Societal and Industrial Applications
Project Number: OLP0232   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
5. Smartphone imaging aided point-of-care dipstick platform for heavy metals Sensing in Water
Project Number: GAP0375   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
6. Development of algorithms for the river water quality index monitoring using machine learning technique
Project Number: GAP365   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
7. Design and Development of a System for Climb Free Coconut Harvesting
Project Number: GAP0382   Project Investigator: S ANUP CHANDER