Projects Ongoing   
1. Development of Novel CSIR Technologies for Manufacturing Tailored and Patent-Specific Bioceramic Implants and Biomedical Devices at Affordable Cost (BIOCERAM)
Project Number: ESC0103   Project Investigator: VIJAY KUMAR MEENA
2. Robotics and Micro Machines (RoµM)
Project Number: ESC0112   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI
3. Training Programmes (3) on Repair & Maintenance of Bio-Medical Instruments for Technocrats/Users from Armed Forces at Vadodara (2 Programmes)
Project Number: GAP0322   Project Investigator: SHASHI MOITRA
4. Development of Ferrite Based Magnetic Nanocomposites for Microwave Absorption Applications
Project Number: GAP0346   Project Investigator: SACHIN TYAGI
5. Design & Development of low cost Air Conditioner Efficiency Meter (ACE Meter)
Project Number: GAP0351   Project Investigator: DHIRENDRA BANSAL
6. Development of Germanium & Silicon Asphero Diffractive Optical Elements by Diamond Turning
Project Number: GAP0362   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI
7. Modelling of Human Intention during Gait Rehabilitation
Project Number: GAP0371   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
8. Organ-Low Cost Biomechatronic Rehabilitration Solutions for Children with Congenital Hemiparesis
Project Number: GAP0374   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
9. Design and Development of Detection and Extinguishing Systems for Forest Fire using Sensor Networks, Aerial and ground Robots
Project Number: GAP0380   Project Investigator: PARAMITA GUHA
10. Development of 3D Printed Lattice Structured Hip Implant
Project Number: GAP0383   Project Investigator: VIJAY KUMAR MEENA
11. Solid Tumor Targeting using Homing Peptides and Plasmonic Photothermal Technique
Project Number: GAP0384   Project Investigator: SANJEEV SONI
12. Twinning on Capacity Building to transform Metal Industry Development Institute (MIDI)
Project Number: CNP0014   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
13. Development of Off Axis Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
Project Number: SSP0043   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
14. Development of Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
Project Number: SSP0044   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
15. Technological solutions for contactless alive/dead detection of victim soldier in battle field
Project Number: MLP0040   Project Investigator: SANJEEV KUMAR
16. Precision instrumentation towards whole-slide digital microscopy for high-throughput analytics
Project Number: MLP0041   Project Investigator: SUMAN TEWARY
17. Ligament Injury Assessment & Therapy Device for motor-rehabilitation of Soldiers “L-GEAR”
Project Number: MLP0042   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
18. Harvesting of Electrical Energy using geared AC Synchronous Motors to Charge Batteries of Mobile Phones
Project Number: MLP0044   Project Investigator: PARAMITA GUHA
19. Design and Development of Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (AGLS)
Project Number: MLP0045   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
20. Design and Development of a System for Climb Free Coconut Harvesting
Project Number: GAP0382   Project Investigator: S ANUP CHANDER
21. Laser-fog Interaction Studies for Path Clearance Applications
Project Number: GAP0435   Project Investigator: MANOJ KUMAR BHUYAN
22. Edible and biodegradable materials for electrostatic coating to fruits and vegetables for enhanced shelf-life
Project Number: HCP0031 (WP 1.1)   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
23. INSPIRE Awards- MANAK Mentorship Workshop 2022
Project Number: GAP0456   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL