Projects Ongoing   
1. Development of Fiber Bragg Grating based Distributed Strain Sensor System for Concerete Bridges
Project Number: GAP0304   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
2. Innovative Technologies for Health Assessment and Damage Mitigation of Structures (I-HEAL)
Project Number: ESC0110   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
3. Study and Development of Fiber Lasers Based in Erbium doped Optical Fibers
Project Number: EMR0001   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
4. Design and Development of Digital Holographic Camera for Non-destructive Testing Applications
Project Number: GAP0345   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR
5. Optical Fibre Nano Antenna Assisted Sub-micron Resolution Common Path Optical Coherence Tomography Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0348   Project Investigator: SAMIR K MONDAL
6. “Nanosculptured thin films based enhanced plasmonic phenomena and their applications for clinical diagnostic and water sensing” DST inspire faculty program
Project Number: GAP0354   Project Investigator: SACHIN KUMAR SRIVASTAVA
7. Development of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Schlieren Methodology for Quantification of Crazing in PMMA samples
Project Number: GAP0377   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR
8. Metal Organic Framework (MOF) based Fluroescence-SPR dual mode sensing plaform for explosive detection
Project Number: GAP0392   Project Investigator: SUDIPTA SARKAR PAL