Projects Ongoing   
1. Development of Lens Assembly for HUDWAC System
Project Number: SSP0026   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
2. Design, Development and Supply of Head Up Display System for AJT/HJT 36 Programme
Project Number: SSP0031   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
3. Detailed Slope Stability Analysis of Jhakri (Bari Village) Landslide Site and Developing Early Warning System
Project Number: GAP0290   Project Investigator: S K MITTAL
4. Design & Development of Environmentally Controlled Manufacturing (ECM) System for Tea Processing
Project Number: GAP0297   Project Investigator: V PS KALSI
5. Augmenting ICT Infrastructure in CSIO for Deployment of ERP Applications and Ensuring NKN Compatibility
Project Number: ICT0002   Project Investigator: A K SHUKLA
6. Network Enabled Medical Diagnosis and Education in Skeletal Imaging using X-Rays (Phase 1)
Project Number: GAP0299   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
7. Establishing National Hub for Healthcare Instrumentation Development (NHHID) at Anna University, Chennai
Project Number: GAP0300   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
8. Development of a Biosensor for Estimation of Polyphenols in Apple Juice
Project Number: GAP0301   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
9. Stand-Off Detection of Explosives and based on Immunochemical Techniques
Project Number: GAP0307   Project Investigator: A K PAUL
10. Development of Fiber Bragg Grating based Distributed Strain Sensor System for Concerete Bridges
Project Number: GAP0304   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
11. Design, Development and Upgrade of 1 QT Unit and 3 Flight Worthy HUD Units to MARK - 1N Standard for use on Tejas Navy and Supply of 1 Bore Sighting Tool
Project Number: GAP0308   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
12. Exploration of Ferro Fluids for Magneto-Rheological Finishing in Advanced Optical Systems with Strategic Applications
Project Number: GAP0316   Project Investigator: PRABHAT KUMAR BAGHEL
13. Exploration of Ferro fluids for Strategic Applications: Athermalization in Advanced Optical Systems
Project Number: GAP0318   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
14. Design and Development of Cost Effective In-situ Induction Motor Efficiency Monitoring System using the Latest Art of Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0317   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
15. Development and Application of Technologies for Sustainable Transportation (SUSTRANS)
Project Number: ESC0106   Project Investigator: S K MITTAL
16. Engineering of Disaster Mitigation and Health Monitoring for Safe and Smart Built Environment (EDMISSIBLE)
Project Number: ESC0102   Project Investigator: KOTA SRINIVAS
17. Innovative Technologies for Health Assessment and Damage Mitigation of Structures (I-HEAL)
Project Number: ESC0110   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
18. Nano-materials: Applications and Impact on Safety, Health and Environment (NanoSHE)
Project Number: BSC0112   Project Investigator: INDERPREET KAUR
19. Advanced Instrumentation Solutions for Health Care and Agro-based Applications (ASHA)
Project Number: PSC0103   Project Investigator: AMOD KUMAR
20. Development of Novel CSIR Technologies for Manufacturing Tailored and Patent-Specific Bioceramic Implants and Biomedical Devices at Affordable Cost (BIOCERAM)
Project Number: ESC0103   Project Investigator: VIJAY KUMAR MEENA
21. Robotics and Micro Machines (RoµM)
Project Number: ESC0112   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI
22. Training Programmes (3) on Repair & Maintenance of Bio-Medical Instruments for Technocrats/Users from Armed Forces at Vadodara (2 Programmes)
Project Number: GAP0322   Project Investigator: SHASHI MOITRA
23. Development of Integrated Technological Solutions for Security and Operations based on UV Sensor Technologies
Project Number: TLP0001   Project Investigator: AMOL P BHONDEKAR
24. TePP Outreach cum cluster Innovation Centre (TOCIC), Chandigarh under Promoting Innovations in Individuals, Start-ups and MSMEs (PRISM) Scheme of DSIR
Project Number: GAP0325   Project Investigator: NARINDER SINGH
25. Development of wireless sensor network for the detection of explosive
Project Number: GAP0332   Project Investigator: AMOL P BHONDEKAR
26. Design & Development of LED based NVG compatible Wing and Fin Navigation Lights for LCA AF Mk-2
Project Number: GAP0336   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
27. Design & Development of LED based Taxi & Landing Lights for LCA AF Mk-2
Project Number: GAP 0337   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
28. Study and Development of Fiber Lasers Based in Erbium doped Optical Fibers
Project Number: EMR0001   Project Investigator: UMESH KUMAR TIWARI
29. Vehicle Detection and Classification System
Project Number: SSP0035   Project Investigator: SATISH KUMAR
30. Design Innovation Centre, Chandigarh
Project Number: GAP0343   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
31. Pilot Implementation of Collaborative Digital Diagnosis System (CollabDDS) using Medical Imaging
Project Number: GAP0347   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
32. Design and Development of Digital Holographic Camera for Non-destructive Testing Applications
Project Number: GAP0345   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR
33. Development of Ferrite Based Magnetic Nanocomposites for Microwave Absorption Applications
Project Number: GAP0346   Project Investigator: SACHIN TYAGI
34. All Dielectric, Plasmonic and Hybrid Photonic Nanostructures
Project Number: GAP0344   Project Investigator: RAVINDRA KUMAR SINHA
35. Design & Development of Cost Effective in-situ & non-intrusive Motor Stethoscope (MSCOPE) for Monitoring the Health of Induction Motor using the latest Art of Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0349   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
36. Optical Fibre Nano Antenna Assisted Sub-micron Resolution Common Path Optical Coherence Tomography Instrumentation
Project Number: GAP0348   Project Investigator: SAMIR K MONDAL
37. “Nanosculptured thin films based enhanced plasmonic phenomena and their applications for clinical diagnostic and water sensing” DST inspire faculty program
Project Number: GAP0354   Project Investigator: SACHIN KUMAR SRIVASTAVA
38. Nanoencapsulation of Herbal Extracts using Sonochemical Technique
Project Number: GAP0350   Project Investigator: PRABHAKARAN S
39. Design & Development of low cost Air Conditioner Efficiency Meter (ACE Meter)
Project Number: GAP0351   Project Investigator: DHIRENDRA BANSAL
40. Design & Development of Non-Destructive image processing based diagnostic tool for identification of toxic substances from some common food items
Project Number: GAP0352   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
41. Design and Development of Smart Monitoring System for Livestock Emissions
Project Number: GAP0355   Project Investigator: SUDESHNA BAGCHI
42. Design & Development of 220 HUD Mk-1N, delivery of 7 Nos. Airworthy HUD Units and 1 No. Bore-Sighting Tool for LCA Navy MK-1 Aircraft
Project Number: GAP 0357   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
43. Design, Development and Supply of HUD MK 2 units for LCA AF Mk2 & LCA Navy Mk2
Project Number: GAP0356   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR
44. Spatial and Temporal patterns of active tectonic deformation in the Beas River through Morphometric analysis and Fluvial Terrace studies
Project Number: GAP0363   Project Investigator: TEJPAL SINGH
45. Development of Germanium & Silicon Asphero Diffractive Optical Elements by Diamond Turning
Project Number: GAP0362   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI
46. Publication of Directory of Scientific Instruments and Component Manufactured in India
Project Number: GAP0364   Project Investigator: NARINDER SINGH
47. Development of an Automated Soil Nutrient Sensing System
Project Number: GAP0366   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
48. Calibration & Validation of Grain Moisture Meter
Project Number: CNP0012   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
49. Design & Development of Visual Odometry System
Project Number: GAP0370   Project Investigator: SHASHI PODDAR
50. Modelling of Human Intention during Gait Rehabilitation
Project Number: GAP0371   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
51. Development of seismic signal processing techniques for elephant movement detection
Project Number: CLP0030   Project Investigator: RIPUL GHOSH
52. Organ-Low Cost Biomechatronic Rehabilitration Solutions for Children with Congenital Hemiparesis
Project Number: GAP0374   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
53. Smartphone imaging aided point-of-care dipstick platform for heavy metals Sensing in Water
Project Number: GAP0375   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
54. Development of algorithms for the river water quality index monitoring using machine learning technique
Project Number: GAP365   Project Investigator: B S BANSOD
55. Design and Development of Detection and Extinguishing Systems for Forest Fire using Sensor Networks, Aerial and ground Robots
Project Number: GAP0380   Project Investigator: PARAMITA GUHA
56. Development of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Schlieren Methodology for Quantification of Crazing in PMMA samples
Project Number: GAP0377   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR
57. Development of Novel Fluorescent Platforms for the Detection of Heavy Metals in Water
Project Number: GAP0378   Project Investigator: AKASH DEEP
58. Pilot deployment of Intelligent Elephant Movement Detection and Alert System near Kansrao railway track, Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Dehradun
Project Number: GAP0381   Project Investigator: RIPUL GHOSH
59. Design & Development of LED based Drogue Light for LCA AF Mk-1
Project Number: GAP0387   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
60. Nano Biosensors and Microfluidics for Healthcare
Project Number: HCP0012   Project Investigator: SUMAN SINGH
61. Intelligent System (IS) – Intelligent Technologies and Solutions
Project Number: HCP0013   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
62. Design, Development & Supply of Telescope with Mounting Assembly
Project Number: SSP 0041   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
63. Design, Development & Supply of Optical Block Assembly
Project Number: SSP 0042   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
64. Development of 3D Printed Lattice Structured Hip Implant
Project Number: GAP0383   Project Investigator: VIJAY KUMAR MEENA
65. Solid Tumor Targeting using Homing Peptides and Plasmonic Photothermal Technique
Project Number: GAP0384   Project Investigator: SANJEEV SONI
66. Design, Development & Delivery of Pilot Display Unit (PDU) for HAWKi Arcraft
Project Number: GAP0385   Project Investigator: VIPAN KUMAR
67. All-dielectric and Hybrid Nanoantennas for Multifunctional Sensors
Project Number: GAP0386   Project Investigator: RAVINDRA KUMAR SINHA
68. Twinning on Capacity Building to transform Metal Industry Development Institute (MIDI)
Project Number: CNP0014   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
69. Development of Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
Project Number: SSP0044   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
70. Development of Off Axis Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
Project Number: SSP0043   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
71. Food & Consumer Safety Solutions (FOCUS)
Project Number: HCP0016   Project Investigator: AMOL P BHONDEKAR
72. Design and Development of Optical Gun Sight (OGS) for Dornier Aircraft
Project Number: GAP0389   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
73. Safety and Security of Vital Installations
Project Number: HCP0017   Project Investigator: SATISH KUMAR
74. Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme
Project Number: HCP0015   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
75. Technologies Robust Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Structures
Project Number: HCP0018   Project Investigator: G S AYYAPPAN
76. Monitoring of the Project "Development of peripheral Blood Smear Instrument" sanctioned to Shri. Sandeep Khuba Zope, Palghar(Maharastra)
Project Number: GAP0390   Project Investigator: NARINDER SINGH
77. Technological solutions for contactless alive/dead detection of victim soldier in battle field
Project Number: MLP0040   Project Investigator: SANJEEV KUMAR
78. Precision instrumentation towards whole-slide digital microscopy for high-throughput analytics
Project Number: MLP0041   Project Investigator: SUMAN TEWARY
79. Ligament Injury Assessment & Therapy Device for motor-rehabilitation of Soldiers “L-GEAR”
Project Number: MLP0042   Project Investigator: NEELESH KUMAR
80. Online Monitoring System for Detection of Night-time Poor Visibility Areas in Urban Settings
Project Number: MLP0043   Project Investigator: AMITAVA DAS
81. Harvesting of Electrical Energy using geared AC Synchronous Motors to Charge Batteries of Mobile Phones
Project Number: MLP0044   Project Investigator: PARAMITA GUHA
82. Design and Development of Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (AGLS)
Project Number: MLP0045   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.
83. Design and development of Enhanced Vision System for Military Surface Transport Vehicles
Project Number: MLP0046   Project Investigator: SURENDER SINGH SAINI
84. Design & Development of Head Up Display for Passenger Aircraft
Project Number: MLP0047   Project Investigator: HARRY GARG
85. Divya Nayan: A Personal Reading Machine for visually impaired
Project Number: MLP0048   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
86. Scale-up of Autoceph: A software for 2-D Computerized Cephalometric Analysis as a web service
Project Number: MLP0049   Project Investigator: H K SARDANA
87. Metal Organic Framework (MOF) based Fluroescence-SPR dual mode sensing plaform for explosive detection
Project Number: GAP0392   Project Investigator: SUDIPTA SARKAR PAL
88. Investigation of Nanostructured SERS substrate for POPs detection in E-Waste Recycling Sites
Project Number: GAP407   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
89. DEEP: Development of an Efficient Photoelectrode for Hydrogen Fuel from Water
Project Number: GAP421   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
90. Design and Development of a System for Climb Free Coconut Harvesting
Project Number: GAP0382   Project Investigator: S ANUP CHANDER
91. 2D Materials Engineering for Simultaneous Hydrogen Production and Emerging Pollutants Degradation
Project Number: GAP432   Project Investigator: POOJA DEVI
92. Electrostatic dust mitigation and environment protection device
Project Number: MLP2011   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
93. Laser-fog Interaction Studies for Path Clearance Applications
Project Number: GAP0435   Project Investigator: MANOJ KUMAR BHUYAN
94. Edible and biodegradable materials for electrostatic coating to fruits and vegetables for enhanced shelf-life
Project Number: HCP0031 (WP 1.1)   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL
95. ENCEESPRAY: An electrostatic disinfection machine comprising of electrostatic sprayer and electro hypo generator - an ideal solution for surface disinfection against Covid-19
Project Number: GAP0441   Project Investigator: MANOJ K PATEL