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To request for Accomodation at CSIR-CSIO Guest House, please fill the Online Booking form.

You can check the status of your booking using the Check Booking Status facility online.

Sl. Category of Guests Rates Per Head
1 CSIR Regular Employees, Pensioners and their dependant family members Rs. 50/-
2 Project Fellow, CSIR-JRF/SRF/RA, Research Students, Scholars working in CSIR Labs/Hqrs Rs. 50/-
3 Non-dependant Family members of CSIR Employees/Pensioners Rs. 100/-
4 [Personal Visit] Friends/Other Relatives/Other Guests of CSIR Employees & Non-CSIR/Other Guests including Parents of JRF/SRF/RA Rs. 300/-
5 Expert members/Non-CSIR officials invited for CSIR/CSIO work Rs. 100/-
6 NRI/Foreign Guests. Rs. 1000/-


Check-in time after 12:00 Noon & Check-out time before: 12:00 Noon.
(Billing will be based on the actual time of arrival and departure)
  1. Requests for booking accommodation at CSIR-CSIO Guest House should be invariably submitted online, well in advance with complete details.
  2. The accommodation can be requested/booked for a maximum period of 7 days, subject to availability.
  3. The officers/staff of CSIR and Labs/Instts. on official duties or training, audit team and officials on temporary assignment to the Institute/Lab may be permitted to stay beyond seven days with approval of compitant authority for a maximum period of 30 days.
  4. In no case the guests will be allowed to stay beyond 30 days.
  5. Officers/employees of CSIR on transfer allowed to stay in Guest House (subject to availability of accommodation) beyond 30 days will not be eligible to draw HRA during the stay in Guest House.
  6. Beyond seven days the rates will be doubled for that category for a maximum period of 30 days.
  7. The applicant is responsible for the correctness/genuineness of the guest’s details.
  8. The management may at its discretion, cancel a booking, offer a shared accommodation or offer an alternate accommodation as per availability, without citing any reason.
  9. Any change in the arrival/departure of guests within booking period needs to be brought to the notice of Guest House immediately by email by quoting the booking request number.
  10. Verbal/written request for change/extension of dates for accommodation (prefix/suffix) will not be entertained and the same should be separately applied online. Based on the room availability and/or at management’s discretion a decision will be taken and intimated online.
  11. It is mandatory to provide Photo ID proof for all guests at the reception when Checking-in. ID Proof should be same as uploaded at the time of online application.
  12. All officials from CSIR Labs & Hqrs are requested to upload their ID cards issued by respective Lab as identity proof
  13. Research Scholars/Project Assistants/Students seeking accommodation for themselves/their parents/guests are required to apply online through their Guides/Project Leaders/Supervisors/HOD/mentors who are permanent employees from CSIR.
  14. Booking will not be provided for guests undergoing medical treatment for communicable disease.
  15. Payment towards the Guest House accommodation charges will be accepted only through POS machine (by card swiping) and the transaction charges (if any) incurred towards same will be borne by the guest.
  16. Accommodation and food charges are billed separately and are to be separately settled as per rules.


  1. Guests should agree to the Guest House Rules and Regulations with the spirit of peace, harmony, amicability, simplicity, care, consideration and safety.
  2. All Guests must register and sign on the Registration Form/Log Book.
  3. In the event of any of the circumstances below, please inform the Front Desk immediately:
    • Premises or amenities failure or damage;
    • In case of disaster, theft or any other accidents;
    • In case of emergency in or near the Guest House.
  4. Guests are requested to abide by the following rules and regulations:
    • Please keep noise levels to the minimum especially when other guests are in retreat.
    • Please utilize the premises, its facilities and electronic appliances with utmost care.
    • Please do not renovate the premises and its facilities in anyway.
    • Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended.
    • Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures at the Guest House.
    • Nailing, writing or sticking items on wall, windows and all other facilities is strictly prohibited.
    • For safety purposes, please do not install any high power consuming appliances without prior approval.
    • Please switch off the lights, air-conditioning units, and fans when leaving the premises.
    • Please do not leave appliances in standby mode.
    • Please ensure that all water taps are properly turned off after use.
    • Guest House will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the guests’ personal belongings.
    • Generally room cleaning will be done in the morning before 9:00am.
    • Please keep the premises clean at all times and leave no personal belongings in the common areas.
    • Please ensure you have all your personal belongings with you before leaving the premises. All belongings that are left behind will be disposed of.
    • Please do not eat in the bedrooms. Dining hall is available for that purpose.
    • Please refrain from holding meetings with visitors in your bedroom.
    • Please refrain from inviting outside visitors to room.
    • Please refrain from conducting any political and religious activity in the premises.
    • Books and news papers in the common area are for reading in the Guest House waiting area only. Kindly don’t take them to room.
  5. Please do not bring onto the premises of the Guest House any of the following:
    • Animals or birds of any kind.
    • Gunpowder, explosives or inflammables.
    • Objects emitting a foul odor.
    • firearms or swords etc.
    • Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities.
    • Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws.
  6. Any loss or damage to property such as furniture, linen, iron and so on shall be charged to the guest accordingly.
  7. No criminal offence, according to Indian Law, may be committed on the premises.
  8. No drugs or intoxicating substances may be brought into, or be used, on the premises.
  9. No gambling or smoking in the guest house building.
  10. No fighting, intimidation or aggressive behavior will be acceptable.
  11. No engaging in sexual activities on premises.
  12. No form of pornography will be tolerated.